Welcome To Clean My Real Estate

Clean My Real Estate was established to service the needs of busy people who are in the act of preparing to sell their houses and properties and wish for their presentation to be of the highest standard.

We are proud to have built our reputation by providing a quality, individual service to all our clients.

The formula of dedication to our client, providing value for money and, of course, providing a superior cleaning and maintenance service ensures a happy outcome for your sales expectations.

Clean My Real Estate will exceed your expectations with our 6 point plan of service excellence.  

  1. Managerial involvement - your appointed manager will play      a crucial role in liaison with you to ensure complete      satisfaction.
  2. Communication – we stay in touch with you and with our      staff continuously ensuring smoothe transition of      information.
  3. A comprehensive list of services available to you.
  4. Real Estate knowledge for essential sales differential.
  5. Competitive pricing without compromising performance or      quality.
  6. Integrity of service

Please note that Clean My Real Estate maintains a commitment to modern innovation and is trained in respecting new and designer–made surfaces and textures.


Why you should choose Clean My Real Estate (CMRE)

It starts at the top
Our experienced and friendly managers will customize a cleaning service program to suit your specific needs, be they via an Auction program or by a regular maintenance need. From this point, control for all your cleaning and service requirements is maintained.

Communication of need
Your appointed  manager  will instruct the cleaning staff as to what directions need to be taken and will receive reports on which to approve, or if needed, improve upon. This information will be relayed to yourself. 

Many services to choose from
Services for your cleaning requirements may vary from house to household. We cater for many levels of cleaning and maintenance of house and property so are a one-stop-shop, all is handled via one invoice.

Integrity with our Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Most homes bought and sold are through new owners falling in love with them. Real Estate companies have had access to adding value in order to add value to re-sell pricing, we fortunately are in the know.

Affordable Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Once a customized cleaning service program is discussed to suit your individual needs, we can itemise an account for you – one you will be pleased with due to our competitive pricing schedule.

Experience Total Satisfaction
CRME treats your patronage as if it were our own home we were cleaning. Simply, if you are not satisfied with our cleaning services for whatever reason, it will be resolved. We guarantee the highest level of cleaning services through our quality control program through which we monitor our staff and should any area fail to be above our  standards, it will be corrected immediately. We encourage your communication and will integrate it in order to give complete satisfaction.

Cleaning Support Services -
Additional benefits for your peace of mind

Our public liability insurance is covered to $10 million for your peace of mind. Copies of our certificate of currency can be supplied upon request. 

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