Selling My Home

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How much time do we need before selling our home?

Time will be judged on the scope of work needed...
Most cosmetic jobs only require a day or two whereas big jobs may require some planning and execution.


How are we billed?

Billing is determined before we begin
All domestic cleaning requires payment on completion. Regular clients may opt for an account as will commercial invoicing.


What areas do you service?

We service all of the Melbourne Metropolitan areas.
Please contact us if you live on the outskirts of Melbourne to ensure we cover your area.

Melbourne Map

We service the Hunter Valley Region including the Maitland, Singleton, Cessnock, & Newcastle areas.


I'm thinking of selling my house and have some small presentation type jobs that need doing. Can you advise on what needs to be done and can you perform the work?

This is a common question.
We know which jobs will add value to the resale of your property and which jobs may not be necessary or cost efficient. We can advise you on this.


Do you just mow lawns?

NO………. Our gardening services include more than just mowing your lawn. We can help establish a fruit & vegetable garden for you, do your weeding, trimming, hedging and mulching just to name a few. Please contact us to enquire on all our services.

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