Add thousands to your Home's resale value

Our specialist focus on cleaning Real Estate for presenting to the public for re-sale includes cleaning property from the outside as well as from the inside. Our Maintenance people are well aware of fixing minor (and major) repairs necessary to bring worn and weary items back to best working condition.

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Our background in Real Estate is invaluable

Knowing the secrets of Real Estate buying and selling gives Clean My Real Estate people an advantage over the rest for fixing your property with the aim of resale in mind.

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  • Home Auctions are emotional times

    The pride that's shown in a home can add so much value to the price when one sells. When property is bought to be lived in (and not developed) the difference between a cleanly presented home and one with less attention, will inevitably add value to the bidding price.

“We focus on getting your property to market with
SUPERB interior, exterior and garden maintenance.”